The Value of the Arts in Education & Life

From a financial standpoint the question is a valid one: parents want to know that their investment in their child's future is going to lead to gainful employment and prevent him/her from returning home and living on their couch after graduation. However, the assumption that any college degree, regardless the area of study, will lead to a specific job is a misconception.While a degree does set one on a career path with a specific skill set, it does not guarantee employment in any specific field. The question is also valid because the knowledge that a majority of students and their parents have of the opportunities in the arts is limited to practical involvement in their respective art area of study: singing, painting, dancing, acting, etc.

Process Over Product: Building Creative Thinkers with Art

Product-oriented art, on the other hand, sets up the child with an expectation to create something specific that's envisioned by an adult. An example could be presenting a child with a yellow pom-pom, pre-cut cardboard shapes, googly eyes, and stickers with the expectation that the child would turn the materials into a baby chick. Less crafty but equally product-oriented would be offering the child a photocopy of the American flag, blue and red crayons, and then asking her to color the flag with the correct colors. This second example actually happened to me in Kindergarten, and my forward-thinking mother chose to move me to another school. .

Engage students & supercharge learning with Genius Hour

We are looking for the natural abilities of students. Now, don't mistake natural ability for the art of mastering. We all know naturally gifted athletes who never accomplished anything because they were allergic to sweat, or naturally smart kids who accomplished nothing once they had to study. Genius takes time but talent can be spotted and nurtured. One thing is sure, if a child never knows their own talent... they will never get on the path to genius. It starts with identifying and nurturing passions.


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